How do I create an Adaptive client wallet account for Shield purchases and payouts?

Set up the account by following these steps:

  1. Add Payment Instruction– go to the “Payment Instructions” screen from your client profile and click “Add new account.” Provide the account name, number, routing number, and a nickname. Once a payment instruction has been created, a unique virtual account will be assigned to you.;
  2. Verify an External Account for Fund Transfers Having completed Step 1—including the creation of a unique virtual account number by Adaptive—you will be asked to verify your external account information. Adaptive uses a micro deposit method for verification. Two small deposits from Adaptive will be sent to the client’s account, usually within one or two business days, and then withdrawn. Enter the deposit amounts in any order on the “Payment Instructions” screen within five days to verify the external account.;
  3. Deposit Funds – see “How do I deposit funds into my client wallet account?”;

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