RADICALLY EASY-TO-USE portfolio Protection

Stay invested for long-term growth with Adaptive one-click downside protection

Hedging doesn’t have to be hard or hideously expensive. Play defense like the pros with Adaptive’s easy-to-use, cost-effective portfolio protection to limit losses & make the most of all-to-common market downturns.

What We Do

Limit losses & dial down portfolio risk with personalized hedging

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For Advisors

Adaptive risk tools & downside protection deliver peace of mind for prospects & existing clients, from retirement savers to high-net-worth families.

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For Self-Managed

Retail investors can fine-tune risk in asset allocations, opportunistically hedge news cycles, & boost compounding in market downturns.

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For Enterprise

Comprehensive enterprise API access with secure integration of risk analytics & portfolio protection for brokers & institutions.

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Easy Changes Everything

Adaptive makes hedging easy, with one-click protection & DIY risk tools

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Market Shield

Estimates protection price based on Mini-SPX Put Options on the S&P 500 market index for a market hedge that is liquid & often relatively inexpensive.

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Market Shield+

Estimates protection price based on Micro-XND Put Options on the NASDAQ 100 Market Index & other indexes for a market hedge that could be a better fit than Market Shield.

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Risk Analytics

Compare market-driven costs & factor analysis for do-it-yourself downside protection, including back tests, Monte Carlo simulations, & risk contribution scores for portfolio components.

Managing market downturns just got easier

Adaptive is as easy as 1-2-3: get quick, specific recommendations & price quotes to limit downside risk for your selected protection level & time period.

Use Cases

Better Investing with Better Tools+

Simplify Options Complexity+

Stay Invested for Long-Term Growth+

De-risk Concentrated Positions+

Manage Risk & Limit Losses+

Panic Protection+

Fractionalized Hedges+

Enterprise API

Our RESTful, easy-to-implement API streamlines risk analytics & protection quotes in real time for seamless integration with existing trading systems. Simply specify portfolio holdings with the desired protection level & protection period.


Play defense like the pros

Preview Adaptive’s powerful risk tools (no login required) to compare market-driven costs for downside protection, including Adaptive’s Portfolio Protection Calculator to estimate the cost of downside protection for Boglehead & other popular model portfolios.

1. DIY Shopping List -

Adaptive lists publicly-traded options for a portfolio based on desired protection period & level. Click to Try!

2. Risk Contribution +

3. Backtest & Monte Carlo +

4. Factor Analysis +

Industry leading security protocols

Full end-to-end SaaS with industry-leading security protocols, leveraging trusted broker & banking integration for read-only access to client account holdings.

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